Nepal and the last cherry blossoms

My mum called to tell me of the moment she knew something was amiss. The birds and the animals went beserk for a good fifteen minutes and then everything went silent. That’s when they felt the first tremors. This was in Delhi. The earthquake hit Nepal and parts of India. As we enjoy the last of the beautiful cherry blossoms please don’t forget this beautiful country and its people right now. Nepal needs our help. Kindly donate to the Red Cross or UNICEF who are working so hard to provide humanitarian relief our Nepali brothers.
FR On profite des dernières belles fleurs de cérisier mais n’oublions pas le beau pays de Népal et son peuple anéantis par le tremblement de terre. Veuillez faire vos dons à l’UNICEF ou à la croix rouge pour faciliter leurs opérations de secours à travers tout le pays. Un grand merci.