A spring balloon

I made my spring balloon because I think we should measure a good life in the amount of balloons we collect. We need to fill each one with good memories, good deeds, things that make you happy and hold on to them. More the balloons you have in life, the higher you go! ;)

FR Voici mon ballon de printemps. Je crois que que le bonheur doit se mesurer par le nombre de ballons qu’on accumule. Dans chaque ballon, on devrait mettre nos bons souvenirs, nos bonnes actions, les choses qui nous rendent heureux et les garder précieusement. Car vous savez, plus il y a de ballons, plus on s’élève! ;)

Nepal and the last cherry blossoms

My mum called to tell me of the moment she knew something was amiss. The birds and the animals went beserk for a good fifteen minutes and then everything went silent. That’s when they felt the first tremors. This was in Delhi. The earthquake hit Nepal and parts of India. As we enjoy the last of the beautiful cherry blossoms please don’t forget this beautiful country and its people right now. Nepal needs our help. Kindly donate to the Red Cross or UNICEF who are working so hard to provide humanitarian relief our Nepali brothers.
FR On profite des dernières belles fleurs de cérisier mais n’oublions pas le beau pays de Népal et son peuple anéantis par le tremblement de terre. Veuillez faire vos dons à l’UNICEF ou à la croix rouge pour faciliter leurs opérations de secours à travers tout le pays. Un grand merci.

Spring things

Happy Saturday among the flowers. Spent an amazing spring day in Paris with the bestie and the beau at #jardindesplantes and managed to slip in a moodboard with a beautiful bouquet of the loveliest roses + peony (for tomorrow) |🇫🇷 Passé une journée printanière merveilleuse dans Paris avec la meilleure amie et le chéri. Et le point culminant du jour est ce magnifique bouquet de @actuelflors composé de roses + pivoine (pour demain).

Spring has come. Softly. Magically

We live in very confusing times. But Nature somehow tells us that simplicity is the key. We need to look for it. I’m glad Spring has come. I decided not to keep up with the confusing times and focus on simplicity instead. Hence, I decided I will chronicle Spring. And voilà my spring journal! :)
The spring animals you find almost everywhere in France. I love that cat who just waited on the side of this empty street!
A poor man’s horse :)
Les cerisiers, or as I call them, candy floss makers.
I see a lot of yellows. Personally, I don’t like wearing yellow but I love looking at it. It’s vibrant and energizing.  
Then of course you have greens. I love this colour. It’s soothing and poetic. These pictures were taken while walking in the forest on a cloudy day. Bliss.
Dew! I’ve been fascinated by these lovelies since a very young age and my grandmum said dew drops are the tears that nature weeps at night because mother nature can’t bear the loss of her sun :)
Some more spring animals. I love French cows. Unlike Indian cows, they seem so much more sturdy and well bred. Moreover you find them only on farms ;)
Cherry blossoms! sigh, every time them come along, they take my breath away..  There cannot be a spring without these beauties. 
Some more pretty landscapes. I also can’t get over Dandelions!  One of my favourite pastimes in the countryside is to collect as many of these as I can and set them on your verandah. It’s the perfect bouquet and they don’t wilt, they just blow away. 
Greens. Yellow. Blues. Whites. 
And of course the best rendition of spring. It’s the seaside. Look how gorgeous the skies are. It’s like nature planned to create the perfect canvas for man. With all the perfect shades of blue. Which no artist or photographer can truly capture. This was day the clouds came down to greet the seas. It was my happiest moment in Spring.

Spring is springing

Hello Spring,
How nice you finally decided to come along! Good to see the sun has tagged along too. No more minus tens and minus fives on the temperature scales. I have never been more excited to see sunshine! Humans are strange. I had so much sunshine at home. But we travel to different places, just to appreciate the things we ignore at home. Oh it’s time for Cherry blossoms! thousands are slowly peeping out to greet us. The ducks and seagulls are coming back to the lakes and shores. Glorious, me thinks.
Where I come from, Spring is unheard of. Hence you can understand the pure joy at seeing the world around me come to life. I just can’t stop taking pictures, there’s so many lovely things happening in nature and isn’t photography the best way to document change? :)
Spring also makes me feel good about myself. Or maybe its this mantra I read everyday before I leave the house. My BFF gave this to me a while back and honestly, you have no idea how many ‘fat day crises’ have been avoided because I read this everyday :) So a shout out to our best friends and to feeling good about our body shapes! :)
Spring related objets are so cute. I love candles and I never pay big bucks for any relaxation therapies. Those are just rip-offs! I just light a few candles and take a nice long bath. Easy peasy! 
I do spend a lot of money on unique rings. I hate jewellery but a pretty ring cannot be ignored. However shabby your outfit can be, a big unique ring can save your day! This fiery red beauty goes so well with the mood of the moment, I couldn’t resist. Money well spent? Who cares!