Weekend pleasures: Fairtrade roses+Paris

fairtrade roses

No filter used here because these beauties are just naturally amazing. If only there was a way to bottle up the magic from these roses.. so dreamy!




Fresh roses + organic farm goodies: authentic macarons (this is what real French macarons look like!), heart-shaped fresh cheese on a coulis of berries😍 and red berry tea then spent the whole afternoon on my first still life. Birds and landscapes are my favourite subjects to draw and paint. But this Fado rose was calling out to me. The finished piece lacks any kind of chiaroscuro but I suppose creativity means focusing on the fun you have rather than the completion! Hopefully practice will make perfect!

FR Les plaisirs du weekend: stop inĂ©vitable pour mes roses chez actuelflors, du bio du ferme de saint-thibault: les authentiques macarons + du fromage frais en forme de coeur sur un coulis de baies rouges. Miam. Et n’oublions pas un thĂ© aux fruits rouges pour bien entamer le weekend, ensuite passĂ© le dimanche aprĂšm-midi Ă  faire mon premier dessin de nature morte. J’ai l’habitude de dessiner plutĂŽt les oiseaux ou les paysages, mais cette rose fado mĂ©ritait d’ĂȘtre immortalisĂ©e. Lol. Alors, le dessin final je trouve est dĂ©nuĂ© de chiaroscuro mais j’estime que c’est un bon dĂ©but et je me suis bien amusĂ©e! L’exercise amĂšnera Ă  la perfection, non? ;)

For Bombay


Bombay is an emotion. You either love it or hate it. I’ve tried to draw that in my little postcard and only one place comes to mind and that’s the South Bombay area. And the most amazing spring peony is from our florists Actuelflors :)

Hello Summer..

What a nice warm weekend that was. I guess it’s unofficially summer. The one thing I love about summer is the cherries. There is one person who encapsulated the entire sensation of summer. Arthur Rimbaud. His poem Sensation truly evokes a sweet summery bohemian dream.

SENSATION par Arthur Rimbaud

Par les soirs bleus d’étĂ© j’irai dans les sentiers, 
PicotĂ© par les blĂ©s, fouler l’herbe menue : 
RĂȘveur, j’en sentirai la fraicheur Ă  mes pieds. 
Je laisserai le vent baigner ma tĂȘte nue. 

Je ne parlerai pas ; je ne penserai rien. 
Mais l’amour infini me montera dans l’ñme ; 
Et j’irai loin, bien loin, comme un bohĂ©mien, 
Par la Nature,—heureux comme avec une femme.

a translation by Gregory Campeau

Summer’s deep-blue evenings I will go down the lanes, 
Tickled by the wheat-berries, trampling the short grass: 
Dreaming, I will feel the coolness at my feet. 
I will let a northern wind bathe my bare head. 

I will not stir my tongue; I will think of nothing. 
Yet love infinite shall at once mount in my soul; 
And I will go far, very far, like a gypsy, 
Through Nature,—enchanted as with a woman. 

 —Arthur Rimbaud

My Pablo Picasso- Françoise Gilot

I’m not the biggest fan of Pablo Picasso but there is one sketch of his that I absolutely adore and this is the second time I’ve tried it and feel satisfied with the results. Of all his mistresses muses, I think Françoise Gilot was the most gorgeous. She was 21 and he was 61 when they first met. 
There is something so féérique and bohemian about her, I can imagine why Picasso would want to make her a piece of art. 

Saint Valéry exposed

This is how Saturday went!

Now the French are still not satisfied with the pension laws so basically the entire transport system has been semi-paralyzed and of course as my luck has it, my bus to Rouen was cancelled and I couldn’t not head to the city on Friday to attend my training session. But then another bus (heading to Dieppe) appeared magically and I hopped on it. The last time I went to Dieppe was somewhere during the summer. Dieppe is also on the coast and it’s exactly an hour away by bus from Saint ValĂ©ry. The bus ride cost just 2 euros one way and I really wanted to do some retail therapy and Dieppe has some lovely stores. My first stop was my ever favorite Yves Rocher and they have the most adorable beauty products at really nice prices. They had launched a new scent that day called Miel d’Oranger (honey from the orange?) and it smelt divine so I bought myself the candle (pic below) and then proceeded to munch on some pain au chocolat (chocolate bread). Next stop was Eurodif, for a brand new bag (with bohemian prints of course) and some photo frames and napkins for the house.
Miel d’Oranger from Yves Rocher, get it, it’s lovable!
After heading back from Dieppe (I didn’t stay too long because you never know how erratic the buses can get and I might just be stranded somewhere if I followed the bus schedule! Yup this is that side of France you never hear about!) Saturday was spent indoors because you had heavy wind and rains on the coast. So bored to death, I decided to question my creativity and sure enough I remembered that back in school I used to love collages. It’s been nearly 10 years since I last cut up a magazine and created something out of the pieces. I was not sure what I could chalk up and I decided to go with the easiest and so voilĂ ! a lady with a hat (pic 1 of this post). I am pretty happy with my chef d’oeuvre :) I know that the skin tone of the nose doesn’t match the eyes but hey! beauty is present in imperfections! (comment taken from the same photo page on Facebook). 
Sunday was the best day of the week. It was really sunny and the people automatically were in a good mood. I walked a lot around the town. It was still windy but the sun was out. Strange weather like this only comes to Normandy. I even walked right up to the lighthouse and the winds were crazy but there were about two fishermen present there and they were really nice. Except one of them didn’t really mind taking a wizz in public right in front of me. So weird! I walked all over the “galais” which is what the French call the pretty pebbles that are present on all their beaches (in the north of France? I’ve never been to the south of France so I don’t know whether they have stones or sand on their beaches there). 
On chronicling autumn, so it’s October 17 and the leaves are lush green with slight hints of orange!
Flora around the cliffs :)
I think I’m slowly beginning to fall in love with Saint ValĂ©ry. I love the colour blue that fills the bassin with all the boats, it’s a beautiful aquamarine which I can assure, you will only find in Saint ValĂ©ry. Sometimes I wonder when people say they’re looking for something in life. What if that thing is a colour? I still don’t know what I’m hunting for in life. But I’d like to think that the aquamarine colour of the Saint ValĂ©ry bassin played a pivotal role in getting me there. 
Aquamarine :)

On the “galais”

Is it a doughnut? Nope! another food shaped “galais”.

Sweet nothings on the beach.

Aha! a sea gull’s memoirs

Hi escargot!

bye escargot!

Charming little roads appeal to me!