Weekend pleasures: Fairtrade roses+Paris

fairtrade roses

No filter used here because these beauties are just naturally amazing. If only there was a way to bottle up the magic from these roses.. so dreamy!




Fresh roses + organic farm goodies: authentic macarons (this is what real French macarons look like!), heart-shaped fresh cheese on a coulis of berries😍 and red berry tea then spent the whole afternoon on my first still life. Birds and landscapes are my favourite subjects to draw and paint. But this Fado rose was calling out to me. The finished piece lacks any kind of chiaroscuro but I suppose creativity means focusing on the fun you have rather than the completion! Hopefully practice will make perfect!

FR Les plaisirs du weekend: stop inévitable pour mes roses chez actuelflors, du bio du ferme de saint-thibault: les authentiques macarons + du fromage frais en forme de coeur sur un coulis de baies rouges. Miam. Et n’oublions pas un thé aux fruits rouges pour bien entamer le weekend, ensuite passé le dimanche aprèm-midi à faire mon premier dessin de nature morte. J’ai l’habitude de dessiner plutôt les oiseaux ou les paysages, mais cette rose fado méritait d’être immortalisée. Lol. Alors, le dessin final je trouve est dénué de chiaroscuro mais j’estime que c’est un bon début et je me suis bien amusée! L’exercise amènera à la perfection, non? ;)

Tea Time with Elyx

I have a surprise guest at tea time today! The Epic Elyx has stopped by to try some of my goodies!😍 | Je ne suis pas la seule gourmande à table! L’adorable Elyx est l’invité d’honneur au goûter! 💕 Mille mercis à Yak d’avoir intégré son personnage Elyx dans mon monde et d’une manière sublime!

M O O D B O A R D : An Autumn Feeling.

photo 3

Arrival of the first pine cones, muscatel grapes, authentic macarons and a cheese platter (black tome from the Pyrenées, reblochon from the Alps, Ferme de Saint-Thibault‘s goat cheese and fresh heart-shaped cheese on a coulis of red berries). Yum..

M O O D B O A R D : Fruits

“Let today be the day…You pay attention to what you feed your mind, your body, and your life. Create a nourishing environment conducive to your growth and well-being today.” | “Faites qu’aujourd’hui soit le jour … Apportez de l’attention à la manière dont vous nourrissez votre corps, votre esprit et votre vie. Créez un environnement enrichissant propice à votre croissance et le bien-être aujourd’hui.”.

Food Photography: Farm Foods

We discovered a local farm in our town by chance and here are the bio goodies we hauled in today. The “Ferme de Saint-Thibault Les Vignes” is a real treat for bio lovers. I hope you all have the chance someday, to try a heart shaped soft cheese, resting on a coulis of red berries. Yummy! The bio apple juice was quite delicious as well. This is our second visit to the farm and we’re not going to stop as long as they continue making the amazing cheese and yogurts :)
We’ve recently started integrating local and biofoods into the daily diet and turns out it isn’t as expensive as your supermarket chains want you to believe! A slice of divine ‘tome’ cheese, garlic and herb seasoned cheese, an assortment of yogurts, semolina pudding and fresh milk for 9,51 euros. It’s a small effort but worth supporting your local farmers. Cheers.