For Bombay


Bombay is an emotion. You either love it or hate it. I’ve tried to draw that in my little postcard and only one place comes to mind and that’s the South Bombay area. And the most amazing spring peony is from our florists Actuelflors :)

Hectic and normal: Bombay

I have no idea why I’m still here but the more times I think of leaving the city, the more I realize I am going to miss it. Bombay/Mumbai can be a really menace with all the traffic jams, pollution, sweat and millions of people. Then again Bombay is only meant for the people seeking the unusual (I have considered myself as part of that category). Bombay is a marvellous assault on all your senses, more so when there is a festival around the corner. Right now the city is in a state of frenzy since both Ganesh Chaturthi and Eid are coming our way soon. What I love about India is how secular the state is. Even though there are so many communal frictions sensationalized on the tele, the same does not hold for the public areas. People are free to practice whatever religion they please. I’m currently trying to find as many religious symbols scattered all over the place. Oh and I also love the architecture here, especially South Bombay is the hub of the city’s imperial era buildings!
I was walking around in Dadar and chanced upon a tiny makeshift temple with bold brass bells all around!


The lodges of Bombay can be found in the locality directly opposite Metro cinema (one of Bombay’s firsts!). The condition of the lodges is questionable but the building still appeals to me!

A man selling peanuts by the roadside, peanuts are loved by all Mumbaikars! 

One of those old advertisements that often double up as a door. hey look! They have coffee, more specifically French coffee! 
Another old beauty in the Fort area of South Bombay, I can never get tired of staring at these amazing buildings! Viva Bombay!

Remembering my father in Dadar West

For no reason, Mum and me decided to visit my dad’s home in Dadar west. My dad came from a very humble background, in fact he was brought up in a chawl (run down residential units constructed in major Indian cities in the 19th century to accommodate industrial workers). We had to visit the Bombay Municipal Council (BMC) to obtain his birth certificate and they obviously gave us another date to come and collect it. We then proceeded to see what new changes had come about in the area. and voilà! 

My dad home’s now has a view of the Bandra-Worli sea link!
It’s officially called the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link and it cost $$$400 million approx.!! 
There are still some lovely imperial style buildings in the locality!
 I just love how the yellow of the imperial house complements the monsoon green of the tree!

Just by the seaside someone left a lovely frame with the picture of Lord Ganesha embossed on it.
Another house which was beautifully decrepit!